About the Creative Process

My personal search has focused on understanding the relationship between Japanese Calligraphy and Abstract Expressionism. Spontaneity of Brush Strokes and Evidence of Process are important parts of both and are essential to my work. Being of Japanese ancestry and raised in a Western culture, I am constantly searching for ways to integrate the best of both into my identity as a painter.


I have always felt the true nature of my painting lies in the way I use my tools and medium to create Marks on a Surface. Whether through an additive process (laying paint on a surface) or a subtractive process (scraping the paint off the surface), the tools used and the marks I create have become a part of my identity.

About the Artist


I was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii and am presently living in Cincinnati, Ohio. My interest in painting landscapes was sparked by the beauty of nature  observed from my many travels to places around the globe. My interest in Japanese Calligraphy stems from my cultural heritage and having practiced it in grade school.


I attended undergraduate and graduate school at the University of Oregon, University of Minnesota, Heatherly School of Fine Art in London, England, Columbus College of Art and Design and Syracuse University. I have been an Adjunct Professor at the University of Cincinnati and the Art Academy of Cincinnati. My work has been published in The Artist Magazine and AEQAI an on-line magazine. Within the last 2 years I have had solo shows at The Fitton Center for Creative Arts, Xavier University Gallery, Middletown Art Center, Urbana College, and The Kennedy Heights Art Center all in Ohio. I have also given Big Brush Calligraphy Performances at Urban College, The Kennedy Heights Art Center, The University of Cincinnati and The Contemporary Arts Center.


I continue to embrace the influences of the East and West as I continue refine my Personal Calligraphy.